Monday, September 27, 2010

Knitting Progress

Look what came in the mail today, six cones of Colourmart yarn! This is the same yarn i used for my Audrey in Unst sweater. I bought this on Ebay, each color comes with 3 balls, which is plenty for a sweater and its super soft merino dk weight. A sweater for $20, yes please. I think i will make this Tailored Retro Cardigan sweater from shibuiknits out of the peppermint color. It can be worn 2 ways, with buttons in the front or the back.

I have 2 sweaters in the works right now. One is freshly off the needles, I have some finishing to do and hopefully will show later this week. I am also working on a mohair cardigan, which i'm very excited about. It's from Rowan Studio 12, and made from Rowan Kidsilk Haze, a mohair. I love mohair, what I don't love is the tiny needles  I have to use (size 2).  It also happens to be the same color as my Lady Grey coat, which starts this week.

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