Monday, September 20, 2010

Sencha Blouse

I made the Sencha blouse from Colette patterns. I used silk crepe from Dharma Trading co. it comes undyed, and unbleached, so its ready to dye. I used the Rit dye in teal again. I used just a tiny bit of the powered dye and dyed it in a bucket, which was a mess, I would use the washing machine if I was going to do it again. It came out this really pretty light blue. I have never sewn with silk before but the pattern came out semi- smoothly. I just made a couple dumb mistakes, but its all better now. I also learned how to do catchstich! It is way easier than it looks. The buttons down the back are just covered buttons from a Dritz kit. I will be making this blouse again, another great one from Colette patterns!

Many thanks to Lindsay for taking my pictures!
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  1. I love these colours together!Simply beautiful!

  2. The Sencha looks great on you! I'm still on the fence about buying this pattern, but it's sooo nice to see this on a girl with boobs! Ha!

  3. Yes - I'm searching for patterns that acknowledge that some of us have them!! I'm going to buy this pattern for sure. It looks great!