Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rick Rack Dress

You might know this about me by now, but I am obsessed with Rick Rack. I have taken my obsession to a new level with this dress. I first saw this vintage dress on the Coletterie blog, on a detail inspiration post: Rick Rack. I've been dreaming of it for over a year now, and deciding how to make it. 


We got a new shipment of this perfect shade of blue rick rack at work, I snatched up the entire spool, all 28 yards of it. We also happened to have the perfect shade of blue dress cotton, with a bit of stretch to it, and I took home 3.5 yards of that. That was a few months ago and been debating which way to sew this dress.

Last week I had off from work, and we decided to have our first anniversary party on Sunday, so what better time to make this dress. I started on Tuesday, had a freak out about the rick rack placement, went to work and my boss who is a couture goddess, helped me out of my freakout.

If you look closely at the picture above, the rick rack is sewn into seams running across the bodice. The bodice is sewn in six horizontal sections. That's a ton of work. After much debating, I decided to just sew the strips of rick rack on top and get it over with. I think I looks the same and it saved my sanity, which is already hanging on by a thread. :)

 For the top I used the bodice from Colette Patterns Lily, I made this dress not long ago and the bodice was already fitted. The band at the top was omitted, and I added a semi circle skirt. To sew on the rick rack I marked the pattern, and then the bodice every 2 inches, and then sewed the bodice and skirt, and attached the rick rack across, leaving the left side open.
 I wasn't sure if I would have enough Rick Rack, and ran out with about with 8 yard still to go. We did not have anymore in stock at Fabricland, because I bought it all, so a trip to NYC to seek out the rest was in order. Thank God, I found some at my first stop, M&J trimmings. It was the same brand, color and size but the zig zags aren't as tall. The top two rows of the skirt are this new rick rack, but it is unnoticeable while wearing it. 

 As you can see, I had to curve the rick rack in the front bodice to accommodate the girls, and my more dramatic princess seam than the tiny original. We took some pictures on our anniversary, at the same place as our wedding day, at Acorn Hall in Morristown NJ. It's a gorgeous old mansion, that was right next to our reception.  I'm also wearing my wedding shoes, which I am still obsessed with. 

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vintage Stripe Dress : Simplicity 3338

Pinterest is a dangerous thing. All these gorgeous vintage dresses that get re-pinned I just HAVE to make for myself. They are always in the tiniest size, I could never own one of the original beauties myself.  I'll just have to make my own versions! My dress was inspired by this green striped shirt dress  with the detachable scarf. 


 I found a light blue striped shirting at Mood, very close to the original mint green. It's very light weight and silky. I cut the fabric on the crossgrain to get the stripes vertical, like my inspiration. Also I am hesitant to wear horizontal stripes. I had a pattern in my stash that was similar to the original dress, with the exception of the collar and bow, vintage simplicity 3338 from 1960. This simple version, version 3, without the square dancing sleeves, even includes a ric-rac trim. I will have to try this out another time, I am obsessed with ric rac. 

Even though my pattern is a bust 38, I still had to tweak the fit. The top button fit but everything down from that point in the front had to flair out. The back in my muslin fit almost perfectly to I left that alone. It is still pulling a hair in the front, so I will have to adjust that if I make it again. I tried my best to make the stripes match up in the front and shoulders. The skirt also has three seams that are invisible due to the stripes, making it easy to sew together. 

I had the buttons covered by Pat's Custom Buttons and Belts, and got them in record time (from across the country) Love this service SO MUCH. I should have got a belt too, but oh well. I will eventually make the scarf to wear with this dress, like my pin-spiration but I think it's cute without it. 

Are you obsessed with pinterest? Ever copy a vintage dress?

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