Friday, May 31, 2013

Me-Made-Wrap up!

I'm happy it's over. I have me-made anxiety, I'm me made exhausted and have to do a ton of me-made laundry. Although I am in a me-made whining stage, I am pleased with the month of outfits, I  have worn almost everything in my wardrobe with very few repeats. I also kept my pledge to make and wear 2 garments. And I've even finished a third (although the fabric is not from my stash). 

Day 29- Wednesday
Me made Gertie Shirtdress Fresh off the sewing machine

'I like you' jammies

Day 30 - Thursday
Me Made Beignet skirt

DAY 31!!!!!!!!!! Friday
Me Made Colette Patterns Lily Dress (yet to be blogged)


see all my me made outfits here: MMMay13
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Linen Gertie Shirtdress

Omg I love this dress. 

As part of my me-made-may pledge I wanted to make and wear 2 dresses from stash, this fabric comes from a project over 2 years old. The bodice was too big, and I didn't really know how to fix it, so it just sat in my to be fixed pile forever. It was a Kwik Sew pattern, which was really cute but it was just falling off my shoulders and gaping everywhere. 

So I decided I wanted to make the shirtdress from Gertie's book for a future project, and this would make the perfect test run! The fabric is a linen with a little bit of textured weave in it, I don't remember where I got it from, the buttons were super cute and from M&J, the perfect match. I had just enough extra fabric to make the bodice, and I left the skirt intact from the kwik sew pattern. I had to piece together the back, there wasn't enough to cut it on the fold.

 The only thing I had to change about Gertie's pattern was the back piece. She has the back and the skirt as one long piece but since I had the skirt I just cut it off at the bodice, and sewed it normally. What I love most about this pattern is the SHIRRING. It was so fun to watch the elastic shrink up when I steamed it. I can't wait to do it again. This dress is super comfortable, it really is perfect for work. I love how vintage inspired it came out, like it could really be a vintage dress! This is my third? project from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing, and if you haven't gotten it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!!! It's simply marvelous. I am planning my the sundress pattern as you read this. 

I can't wait to make another one! (I've been eyeing up this embroidered chambray at Fabricland) 

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me-Made-May Week 4

Here it is week four! I missed one day this week Monday, My hubby and I were sick. I did have a me-made sweater on that day, but a photo would have been unpleasant. This was a busy week, it was my husband's birthday and memorial day. His birthday was Saturday, and we had a party Sunday! We also furnished and decorated our enclosed porch/ florida room, take a peek at it on Tuesday's picture. 
Day 22 - Wednesday
Polka dot Ceylon
Day 23- Thursday
Me made sweater

Day 24- Friday
Me made chantilly

Day 25- Saturday
Me Made Colette Crepe

Day 26- Sunday
Me Made Gingham ceylon

Day 28- Tuesday
Me Made Colette Hazel Bow dress

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flower Chantilly Dress

YES, I finally have a finished project I can show off. I've been working on a lot of things lately, but just haven't gotten very far. This is the chantilly dress from Colette Patterns, made up in this gorgeous peony print cotton gauze.I think it's a peony, but it also looks like a hydrangea. I can't decide.  I also lined it in a thicker cotton gauze. 

I've been eyeing this fabric up at Fabricland, since I started teaching there. I knew it would be a perfect chantilly dress, but they had just under the amount of fabric required. I decided to take the risk and see if I could squeeze the dress even though I had about a half yard less. I don't know how I did it, but as you can see I did it! 

This cotton gauze is SO lightweight, it was really difficult to hem. I wanted to use my new narrow hem presser foot, but the gauze wouldn't fold, and the the weave is so loose it would just unravel. So then I tried the rolled hem on the serger, which didn't work either, any time the hem was off the straight grain the roll wouldn't catch the edge. It was super annoying, I had to do it so many times I was afraid it was going to have a mini dress. I finally sprayed it with some press starch, ironed it and then it worked. PHEW. 

The only tricky part about this pattern is topstitching the neckband down while evenly catching the lining neckband. Other than that, it went very smoothly, and now I have the springtime dress! 

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Me-Made-May Week 3

It's week three, we are in the home stretch! Are you ready for more of my outfits?! 

Day 15 - Wednesday
Me made Colette Clover pants- so comfortable I can jump and kick in them!

Day 16 - Thursday
Me Made cherry dress

Day 17- Friday
Me Made Portrait Blouse

Day 18- Saturday
Me Made audrey in unst sweater

Day 19 - Sunday (cleaning day)
Me Made Clovers again

Day 20-  Monday
Me made starlet suit jacket

Day 21 - Tuesday
Me Made cropped sweater

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me-Made-May week 2

Ready for another week of me-me-me?! 

I've completed another week of Me-Made-May! 

Thursday, Day 9
Me Made Sweater

Friday, Day 10
Me Made Colette Violet blouse

Saturday, Day 11
Me-Made Vintage Robe 

Sunday, Mother's Day! day 12
Me-Made dress
prepping Mother's Day brunch

Monday, Day 13
Me-Made Scarlet Suit Jacket

Tuesday, Day 14
Me-Made Colette Sorbetto tank top
I'll be back in a couple days to show you the new dress I've been working on! Just the hem to go, going to attempt to use my new narrow hem foot. Pin It Now!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Me-Made-May Week 1

Wednesday Day 1
Me Made Colette Beignet Skirt
Thursday- May 2
Me Made Miette Sweater
Me Made Bug dress

Friday -Day 3
Me Made Sweater
Me made pants colette clover

Saturday Day 4
Me Made embroidered sweater
Sunday- Day 5
Me made purple tea dress
Monday Day 6
Me Made Audrey in Unst

Ok so day 7 didn't happen, and either did day 8. My grandma got sick, so I was in no mood to prance around in a pretty dress. She is doing better, so MMMay'13 is back on.  How did everyone else do?

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