Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crepe for Spring!

I've started a new job everybody! And guess what: I get to sew things for it, what could be better? I am the new sewing teacher at Fabricland Sewing School! I am also doing some administrative duties, including all social media, so follow Fabricland on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.I have been going to Fabricland since I was a little girl so it's great to be a part of it. 

I've been there a month and this week we are starting to sell Colette Patterns! YAY! So I got to make a dress for display to promote the new (to the store) pattern line. I chose to make Crepe, the classic wrap dress, I love every version I see and couldn't wait to make my own. I used two different Amy Butler quilting weight fabrics from her alchemy line. I love the blue floral, its so gorgeous and springy! 

I did a straight size 10, with no alterations, (isn't it crazy when that happens?).Since this dress will be on display for a while, the pressure to sew it perfectly was on, I used french seams throughout, for a neat finish. This is another great pattern from Colette, it's crazy how many times I have sewn something from this pattern line!

So have you ever worked for a fabric store? What do you look for in your local fabric store? What do you wish you could find? Do you follow any stores on social media? 

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stashing for Spring!

I've heard myself say many times that I don't stash fabrics, that I buy fabric for a project and then sew it right away. Well I am a big fat liar, or in denial. I am out of space in my craft closet and must face facts, I have a lot of stashed fabric and I want to use it. 

Some of it I bought online with other things, made the other things and stashed the rest of the fabric ( I can't just order one thing because I HATE paying for shipping). Some are from the clearance rack of my local fabric store, sometimes they have things that are so cheap I buy way too much yardage of. And some are from the garment district, and I thought I HAD to have them and now they sit in my closet. So I pulled out the fabrics that are suitable for spring/summer and am going to sew with a plan. 

I really only have plans for the bow print, which is a Marc Jacobs remnant. I think it would look cute as Colette Patterns Hazel. The line of bows would work nicely with the v-shaped bodice in the Hazel. 

The second fabric, is a also a Marc Jacobs cotton print, I only have 1.5 yards of. The print is so over-sized  that I'm not sure how it will look as a blouse.  I haven't seen what this fabric was originally used as, it would make a super cute sundress, but I don't think I have enough!

The third fabric, is a vacation print cotton, I bought at my local fabric store for $3.50 a yard and I got a little carried away and bought 5 yards of it. This will make a really cute sundress, I just have to find the right vintage pattern. I also might try to bleach it to tone down the colors a bit. 

The cherry print Anna Sui I have used before, and the lovely Gail of Today's Agenda, found some more of it near her and was nice enough to send me 3 yards of it. I think she has some too, but I have no idea what to do with it. It is a lightweight silk, very drapey, need some help deciding what it would be good for! 

The last fabric is also a silk fruit print, which was meant to be a lining in last years coat, but I thought it was too pretty just to be lining. So now I have 2.5 yards of silk and don't know what to do with it!

I'm sure some of you can relate, do you have plans for all of your fabric? Does some of it sit around forever just waiting for the perfect project? Any suggestions of what to do with the silks? 

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Finished Project: Abbey Coat

It's finally finished, and I love my coat! Yesterday my husband and I traveled north to visit his parents and stumbled upon this horse farm in the snow. Turns out the be the perfect setting for some pictures of my coat!

The Abbey coat, a Jamie Christina pattern, is the perfect girly winter coat. I used a gorgeous blue wool from Mood in NYC, white sunback lining, and my favorite thing covered buttons from Pat's custom buttons and belts. I made some changes to the pattern, made the sleeves 2 inches longer and added pockets. After all what is a coat without pockets? I added them to the princess seams in the front, they may be a little bulky, but it would drive me crazy without them. 

I love the flounce,  which I did not interface, I was afraid that it might look like a tutu! I used all of my regular tailoring techniques: bound buttonholes, padstitching the collar, hand pickstitching, and topstitching. Making a coat is a lot of work but it is so worth it when you get it right. The coats in the department store seem like blankets compared to the weight and structure a tailored coat has.  I just love the results, it feels really special, and I can't wait to wear it all winter.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

Gratuitous Coat Post

I've been toiling away on my abbey coat, and am nearing the end. Hopefully, I will finish it this coming week but in the meantime wanted to share some shots of the inside. 

Padstitching the collar

I added pockets on the princess seam!
Also you can see the bound buttonholes here

Set in sleeve using a bias strip


Sunback lining

So close to done!
Off to go sew some more 
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