Friday, August 19, 2011

Engagement Photos

Hello Ladies!
I haven't sewn a thing this week... I've been taking posing for pictures. My best friend Lindsay (I wrote about her patterns here) took our engagement photos, she's the best. We used my Dad's 65' mustang, and I wore my gingham ceylon and my orange engagement dress. The pictures came out very cute and retro.
Wanna see?

I'm having an engagement party next month and I have to think of a cute way to display them. Any ideas?
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gingham Ceylon

Another Ceylon for me! Ceylon may be my favorite Colette Patterns. For this version I used a cotton gingham, from Mood. I modified the pattern a little bit. I omitted the curve at the neckline, didn't add sleeves and attached a wide sash at the waist.

I wanted to make a dress that looked like this Milly dress, which I saw in InStyle magazine (it looked cuter in the magazine).

I finished the sleeves with a little bit of white bias tape. To make the straight neckline I just cut piece c in a straight line from the marking dot. The sashes are extra long so they can be tied in different ways. This is a really great dress for a hot summer day, it makes me want to eat peaches!

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sewing + losing weight

Readers, I have a problem. Well sort of a problem. My favorite hobby is getting in the way of weight loss, at least in my mind. When sewing is all about fit how can I continue to sew clothes and continue to lose weight? I've lost 20 pounds so since March (yay!), and still want to lose more. Which means everything I have sewn will hopefully be too big. So when losing weight when should one sew? Is it better to make clothes all along or just make clothes that will fit when the weight is gone?

I've been feeling blah about this whole conundrum and as a result haven't really sewn for a few weeks and haven't even lost weight for the last few weeks, just maintained. Has anyone else dealt with something like this? I hate feeling blah about something that I really love doing (sewing) and something that makes me feel better (losing weight). Perhaps I've just lost my sewing mojo.

3/17 before


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