Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Do you like my hat? No I do not.. Goodbye, Goodbye

Because this year's Project Fabricland's advanced students were participating in a "Head to Hem" challenge, I needed to make a hat to wear to the fashion show too!

 And what could be better than a sewing machine hat?! The Bernina sewing machine is from a music box that was on sale at Fabricland. It was a little bit damaged so I got it for only $5!. I knocked the machine off the music box base, and started to design my hat. I happened to have the perfect size mini wooden spool, so I threaded the machine! 

For the base I covered two layers of buckram (for extra support) with the fabric I used for my Cambie dress. The bottom layer is covered with pink wool felt and the edge is finished with a bit of grosgrain ribbon. It's kinda wobbly so I attached the hat part to a headband by sewing two loops of elastic through all the layers. Then I used my high heat glue gun to glue the plastic machine to the base. 

That's it! I got a ton of looks with this accessory. Not everyone thought it was fabulous. But I know it is!


My boss Nancy and I workin' our hats, and me-made outfits!

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