Thursday, March 20, 2014

Two Senchas

HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE! I have been in such a winter funk, I feel like I have been buried under the piles and piles of snow. It's been impossible to take pictures for the blog, even though I have been sewing tons of cute things! It's finally melting and I'm back to show you two versions of this classic Colette pattern; The Sencha Blouse. 

The first version is made from this record print quilt weight cotton. It's a little stuff, especially with the the high neckline. I'm not used to such a high neck and if I was going to make this version again I would lower it a tad. I lengthened the top by about 2 inches, I think the other versions I've made in the past are a little short. 

For my second version I used a Anna Sui heart silk print from Fabricland, (it's still there and even on sale now). I love this print, and am more comfortable in the keyhole version of the Sencha top. There are some things missing from the pattern that I added. I interfaced the button band, which the pattern does not tell you to do. I also started the first button about 1/2" from the top of the blouse so it doesn't gap and the top. From my understanding the official rule of buttons is that the first button should begin half of the distance of the button from the top.

These patterns are the perfect basic, and I love how versatile they are. I usually wear them with a cardigan, and pants to work.

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