Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Not to Do

I've been working on the Chantilly dress from Colette patterns. It's my first time working without cotton. I choose a poly chiffon type fabric and a poly charmeuse for the lining from Joann's. I was being cheap since I didn't know how different it would be sewing with fancy fabric. All was well, I did the entire lining and the bottom half of the shell and then I sewed the ENTIRE top shell when this happened:
Oh whats that I cut a GIANT HOLE in the back while trimming my seams. Go me. What did I learn that maybe I should use smaller scissors to cut delicate fabric, instead of hacking it with my 8" ginghers.  OK so I cut a new back and patched it up and its not going much better. The neck piece is being way harder than it is supposed to. I think Chantilly and I need a break.

It looks all lopsided and sad. GRRR. Need a mental break.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello World!

Its me, Erika! This is the place where i will share my creative projects with you. I mostly like to knit and sew garments. I love sweaters, dresses, skirts and any thing fabu. In order to get to know me I think you should see some of the things I have already made....

This is newly finished Tie Back Shell by Connie Chang Chinchio. Made from malabrigo sock yarn.
See it on my ravelry: Erikaj


ooooh this is my bright yellow audrey-in-unst ! Oh and whats peeking under it....


Its parfait by Colette patterns. I turned it into a lemony delicious top. Cute right?


Here's my Colette Beignet, made wiht red denim. Oh and I'm wearing my $20 Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes. LOVE.  Will have to make another skirt soon for Fall. 

Sick of me yet? Here's some more knitting...


ok thats it for now, see you later! 
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