Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Not to Do

I've been working on the Chantilly dress from Colette patterns. It's my first time working without cotton. I choose a poly chiffon type fabric and a poly charmeuse for the lining from Joann's. I was being cheap since I didn't know how different it would be sewing with fancy fabric. All was well, I did the entire lining and the bottom half of the shell and then I sewed the ENTIRE top shell when this happened:
Oh whats that I cut a GIANT HOLE in the back while trimming my seams. Go me. What did I learn that maybe I should use smaller scissors to cut delicate fabric, instead of hacking it with my 8" ginghers.  OK so I cut a new back and patched it up and its not going much better. The neck piece is being way harder than it is supposed to. I think Chantilly and I need a break.

It looks all lopsided and sad. GRRR. Need a mental break.

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