Sunday, November 30, 2014

Thanksgiving Dress, McCall's 6687

I made a dress to match my Luxulite acorn necklace. I love it so much, and I don't wear it enough in the Fall so I made a dress to fix that problem.  It's my second version of  McCall's 6687 view c, it was (see my first one here) so easy to make the first time, I whipped this up in no time. 

The only change I made to it was to fix the issue with the skirt. I cut the seams down a whole size and now they fit into their proper place. I had to ease inches last time to get the skirt to line up and the side seams. 

The fabric is a quilt weight cotton from Fabricland, it's a coordinate to a Thanksgiving print I made an apron for display out of. I also used a chinz piping from the home dec department of Fabricland as a belt in the waistline. Sometimes if you can't find the perfect thing you have to think outside of the box! It matches PERFECTLY in the seam btw. I love when that happens, on the first try. 

I wore this dress on Thanksgiving and as you can see it started to snow! My Mom wore the apron I made her, which coordinates to my dress. I confess I even made a necktie for Rockford the dog to match. Cuz I'm that nerdy whatever. 

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving America! 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Peggy Sue Sweater

I FINISHED A KNITTING PROJECT. This is epic people. Ever since I've become obsessed with sewing, knitting seems to have taken a backseat. And then I got a smart phone. So instead of watching a movie and knitting, I have the phone in my hand  instead of needles. And I feel bad about it. But look a pretty red sweater!

The pattern is Peggy Sue, a basic cropped cardigan, which is free, woohoo. I started it this Spring because I thought it would be a quick (ha) knit, and I desperately needed a red cardigan. Then summer happened, and I quickly lost interest. But I picked it back up in September and now I have my red cardigan.

This is a top down raglan, with cables at the neckline and hems. The cables were very simple and went even faster than the stockinette stitch. Sometimes when knitting raglans, and before you break for the armholes, it seems like every row takes FOREVER. I used to be so fast knitting things! Oh well.

The yarn is Debbie Bliss Mia, a wool, cotton blend. I thought it would be perfect for all year long. It was very smooth and easy to knit with. The buttonhole are a little too big for my buttons, so I need to go back and make them a little tighter. I finished this sweater about a month ago, and have found so many different ways to wear it. The knitted cardigans I have made over the years have gotten SO much use, I really need to buckle down and make more.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Merry Kitschmas at the Fabricland Craft Fair

Hey there! Not too much going on sewing-wise here. I've been prepping like mad for the Fabricland Craft Fair this Saturday. My mother-in-law, Jackie and I are obsessed with ornament wreaths and all things kitch, and love to craft. We have gotten together the past few Saturdays and are selling or crafts this Saturday, 11/15. Our booth name is Merry Kitschmas, and we are pumping out the Christmas goodies. 

I have been obsessed with making wreaths, and if you follow me on Instagram you can see my Halloween and Thanksgiving wreaths. I have been running around NJ collecting vintage ornaments, hitting up every rummage sale and cleaning them out. We have 9 vintage ornament wreaths, and 3 frozen/ elsa ornament wreaths. The elsa wreaths are actually really pretty, I'm sure they will be the first to sell!

My MIL is also a super talented artist, she has been recreating all of those vintage Christmas images that float around pinterest. She is making the cutest paintings and watercolors. It's gonna be hard to let some of this stuff go!

Today is my day off and I'm going to get some Christmas sewing done. Pillows and making a panel. The craft fair is this Saturday, (see below for details), please check it out if you are in the area.

Anything that doesn't sell will soon be put up on Etsy, under the shop Merrykitchmas.




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