Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lonsdale Dress

 Hello there, sewing friends! I finally made my first Sewaholic Lonsdale dress. Its such a fun summer dress, perfect for days spent drinking sangria.

I used Art Gallery's voile, which is so soft and fun to work with. I had been eyeing it up at working trying to think of the perfect use for it, and Lonsdale seems to be it. I had to make some changes to the bust pattern in order for it to work. I did a fba, and added a bust dart. I also shirred the back bodice pieces. I love wearing the sweetheart dresses that I have shirred all summer and thought it would be a cute addition.

Its not the most perfect fit, the waistband is a little tight, but whatever. If i was going to make it again i would make the shirring into panels in the back, not shir the whole back. It makes it kinda hard to zip up, and the zipper is more exposed than I would like. It's getting harder to overlook imperfections when sewing. Things don't always turn out perfect and I can't beat myself up about it. Does anyone else have that problem?

Well I'm off to enjoy one of the last weekends of the summer! Hope you are too!

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Polka Dots and Stripes Hazel Dress

Woohoo! Another Colette Hazel Dress for me! This time I made some major improvements. I had to add a lot of length to the upper bodice. I made it before and it gave absolutely no coverage, making the bodice pieces about 2" longer fixed this problem. 

For this dress I used this Marc Jacobs lightweight cotton. It is red, white & blue, polka dot, and striped. SERIOUSLY, what could be better?! I've been wearing a very patriotic wardrobe this year, and it all goes with my new Sven Clogs that I'm in love with. So comfy, I wear them to work where I'm standing for hours. 

Everything is from Fabricland, this dress was a display sample for a class back in Spring. (I think there is even some more of this fabric in stock!) The stripes are the best thing to use for this unusual bodice shape. If I made this again I would probably make the skirt a little fuller. I think this is a dirndl, but it seems to come in a bit at the bottom.

My favorite detail is the piping I used on the top of the bodice and the double row of piping on the hem. Fabricland has sparkle piping by the yard. I stitched the piping together and then to the hem of the skirt. The belt it just a ribbon tied in a bow. This is the perfect dress to throw on on a hot summer day, and look cute. 

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