Saturday, April 8, 2017

Kelly Anorak in Rifle Paper Canvas

Oh Hello new favorite jacket. I finished this last week and haven't really taken it off since. The pattern is the Kelly Anorak from Closet Case Patterns. Which is a little sporty for my style, but combined with the super girly and totally perfect canvas from the Cotton + Steel Rifle paper collaboration is true love. 

The pattern is very well written, which makes tackling something tricky so much less intimidating. This is probably the most tools I have used for a sewing project ever! The snaps and shortening my zipper had be running to my husbands tool box and making me feel like a bamf. 

 Oh yeah and another thing I've been working on lately.... a baby bump! This jacket still has some room to grow for the spring, and I added the double sided zipper so I could unzip and let the bump breathe.  Baby boy is due in August, so I've been sewing a lot of Maternity clothes as well . 

 Ok, the biggest change I made to the pattern was to sew the flat felled seams differently. I found, with the wise advice of my sewing guru, Nancy, that if you start with the seam WRONG sided together, then press trim and fold under and topstitch, the seams comes out much more professionally. They double line of stitching shows on the outside, more like a ready made garment. 

The only change I needed to make to the pattern was to make the sleeves bigger, which I always have to do with every sleeve. Since this is a two piece sleeve I only altered the top sleeve, which is the method that works for me. 

 The seams are all enclosed with either the flat felled seams or pink bias tape, making the inside just as pretty as the outside! I am so proud of how this came out, having sewing superpowers is the best ever, am I right?!

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