Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentines Macaron

Happy Valentines Day loves! Today I wanted to share my latest make, a Valentines Day Macaron dress from Colette Patterns. It was on display at Fabricland but I finally get to wear it today. The fabrics are a quilt weight cotton from Westminster fabrics in this adorable heart and floral print. 

I had to make some changes to the pattern to make this one work for me. I increased the bodice length by 2 inches, and moved the bust dart down.The sleeves were also too tight and I adjusted that pattern. Instead of the facings I used a bias seam binding, in pink polkadots. I interfaced the waist band, which the pattern does specify, which seems strange to me. Waistbands need interfacing, HELLO.

 This dress was kind of a bitch to put together. I think I had trouble with every single seam. It was just one of those projects that did not want to go together. I don't think it was because of the changes I made, I was very careful about being exact. The pleats in the skirt were too big for the bodice. The side seams didn't match up, I had to ease one side of the invisible zipper and could only get the bottom half of the waistband to match up. grr. Despite my issues it looks cute on. I especially like the addition of the ric rac to the sweetheart bodice


Valentines day has to be postponed for me, this blizzard we had is keeping my hubby at work for a double shift. I'll be lucky to see him for a half hour before he goes back to work! 

But Valentine's Day isn't just for couples, it's about love! I am grateful to everyone that reads this blog! Thank you for all of your comments, and kind words of encouragement over the years. I love you all! Happy Valentines Day! XOXOX

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