Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Me-Made-May week 2

Ready for another week of me-me-me?! 

I've completed another week of Me-Made-May! 

Thursday, Day 9
Me Made Sweater

Friday, Day 10
Me Made Colette Violet blouse

Saturday, Day 11
Me-Made Vintage Robe 

Sunday, Mother's Day! day 12
Me-Made dress
prepping Mother's Day brunch

Monday, Day 13
Me-Made Scarlet Suit Jacket

Tuesday, Day 14
Me-Made Colette Sorbetto tank top
I'll be back in a couple days to show you the new dress I've been working on! Just the hem to go, going to attempt to use my new narrow hem foot. Pin It Now!


  1. WOW you have been busy...I need some of that energy to rub off on me :)

    1. It's been over a long period of time, in reality I have little energy. :(

  2. Can I just are so cute!! I love your style and your me-mades are all well done. I love the Scarlet suit jacket!

  3. Another great week! I love the photo of you knitting with you super content cat.

    1. HA! he's not really that content, just for about 3 seconds for the photo!

  4. I'm crazy about that mother's day brunch dress.

  5. oh/my.gosh! cute as a button in every single pic! love all your outfits!!! was going to say fri was bet, but hten i got to sunday! and then monday! and then tuesday!!! ive found a new sewing inspiration! so glad i found your blog through pattern treview. i have almost all of the thigns you have on there in my mental q and have patterns for most all of them . we have similar body types too so it's great i get to see how they look on you before i struggle through it ;D

  6. I absolutely, absolutely love the sherbet colour combo you've got going on for the 14th. awesome handbag too!!

  7. I'm OBSESSED with your Mother's Day dress!! That fabric is insane!! So gorgeous, Erika!! xo Marisa