Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ocean Grove Flea Market

Ocean Grove, NJ

Today my Mom and I went to the Ocean Grove flea market, and we found TREASURES! We have never been there before or even heard of it but it was packed full of people and goodies. We rarely go to flea markets because it always ends up being the same crap you can buy anywhere, or fake Chinatown purses, not so into that. Today was the most gorgeous early-fall day to go to a town like this. Ocean Grove is a beautiful Victorian seaside town in New Jersey and the perfect place for a fun trip like this. Here's what we scored:

My Mom found the perfect suitcase for her luggage rack in the guest room.

A "going steady" Sterling silver charm for my bracelet. Pretty cute for 5 bucks.

Vintage Jersey Shore postcards! Finally found a Chadwick one, I'll show you what i do with these later

And this is my FAVORITE thing:

A "sew handi knit kit"! It has knitting and sewing combined on it, and its in perfect shape. It has a hole at the top for the yarn to come out. I love it sew much. I have never seen anything like it, they have those horrible Tupperware yarn containers from Michaels, that are not cute or useful at all. I'm not sure why it has more sewing pictures than knitting on it but it makes me love it even more.  And only $15!!!!! It was like made for me and then put in a time capsule for 50 yrs.

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