Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grey Lady Lining

I have finished the lining! I'm a little behind but I'm close to the finish line. I have to remember not to rush things, because sewing turns out better when you take your time. I decided to interline the coat with cotton fleece because my outer fabric and my lining are thin fabrics. Interlining is fabric you sew to the inside of your coat to make you toasty warm. I cut my interlining pieces to match my lining and sewed them together, close to the seams, then i trimmed the excess. It was easy to sew the lining together after adding the interfacing because it made it a more substantial fabric than the flimsy rayon. I included all the lining pieces, except for the facing because they will overlap when I wear the coat and I don't wanna look too bulky.

You can see my back pleat above, Gertie explained it in an easy to follow post. I also interlined the sleeves, which isn't always recommended, but I had enough room in the sleeve and the sleeves are wide so I wanted the extra warmth there.

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  1. Oo... I love the lining!! Hmm.. this makes me wonder if I want to interline mine, too.