Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lady Grey Supplies

My coat is done! Hooray! I will post my fabulous pictures lady today. Meanwhile, this is everything I used to make my Lady Grey coat. Sewing is much more involved than knitting, I think this picture proves it.

What I used:
Grey Lady pattern from Colette Patterns
Pattern weights
marking supplies
seam ripper
3 kinds of scissors
dritz button cover kit
2 plain inside buttons
purple ribbon
twill tape

4 yds heavy weight muslin fabric
2 yds weft interfacing
1/4 yd silk organza (with a lot left over) dyed to match outer coat
4 1/2 yds Magenta Wool Crepe (it was a Tahari remnant)
3 yds rayon lining fabric
2 yds cotton flannel for interlining
5+yds of hair canvas
2 sleeve heads

Magenta silk thread
Magenta cotton thread
purple cotton thread

spray bottle
tailor's ham (This one is from The Cupcake Goddess)
Oh yeah and a sewing machine!

I think that is it. Phew! Today I am going to attempt to play with my new serger. Wish me luck.
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