Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hooray for Birthdays!

It was my birthday this week and I wanted to share some of my cute presents with you!

I'm a very lucky girl and I got this brand new serger from my parents. Its a Brother 1034D 3/4 Lay-In Thread Serger. SO excited to finally have one. I'm looking forward to finishing the edges of my pattern pieces before i sew them together. It will make everything neat and crisp. This serger has some good reviews on amazon. I've never really used a serger so I would love to hear some feedback!

Look at what else I got, a juicy couture PINK SEWING MACHINE CHARM! I can't even handle it, I always love the juicy charms but now it's as if they are making them personally for me. Or stalking me and reading my mind. I own a pink sewing machine. Here is the story about my custom brother sewing machine. I was looking for a machine to learn to sew with and Costco had some on the website, and they had a pink one, or at least it looked pink. So when it came in the mail it was white! I was very sad and contacted costco and they said the picture looked pink and it was a mistake on their part. Many people bought it because it was pink and were equally as sad when they opened it.

 I kept the WHITE machine, (it was a good deal) and just kept dreaming of my pink sewing machine. A couple years after that I was in the hospital so some reason or another and asked my dad to paint my sewing machine for me. (He's pretty pro at painting and I looked so pathetic laying there I could have gotten him to paint anything. haha) He used krylon plastic spray paint in princess pink, I love it so much.

My mom is also an excellent cake decorator and whipped up this sewing cake for me. Spools of thread and rick rack! I feel so loved.

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  1. Hi! I found your blog trough Gertie's blog, so lucky you with your selger ! I wanna one like that mine is very little , 5 treads BUT little, I want another one.

  2. Just found your blog today. I don't know if you are reading this but I have the exact same machines than you and I am very happy with them. The idea with spray painting the machine Pink is fantastic. Pink is my favorite color and maybe I'll spray paint mine too.

  3. @Susie Q
    I'm glad you found me Susie! If you do spray your machine just make sure tape off the parts very well.

  4. Hi. I'm wondering how the paint has held up? Thanks :-)