Friday, October 22, 2010

Button Makeover

I made this sweater last winter, and it was cute but the buttons did not work. The sweater is 28thirty by Zephyr, they make really cute patterns and the yarn is a yummy manos de uruguay. The problem I had with this sweater was the buttons. I had a hard time picking them out to begin with and now they are just not working for me.  They are metal, with a shank and they were too heavy and loud (they clanged together) for this sweater. I think they would have worked better on something with more structure, not a knit. I have barely worn the sweater because these buttons were making me so nervous. So I finally found the perfect buttons.

They are the perfect color and I didn't even have the sweater with me when I found them! They are from Mood (that's where they shop on Project Runway). I was so happy to find them.  THANK YOU MOOD!

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1 comment:

  1. i like! this sweater is gorgeous and looks beautiful on you. did i come to mood with you when you picked out these buttons?