Sunday, October 17, 2010

Knitting Book Review: Stitch and Bitch Superstar Knitting

It's here! It's here! Stitch N' Bitch Superstar Knitting is AMAZING. I don't know why I even have it. I pre-ordered it from amazon and it come out until November 1, that's in more than 2 weeks. I want to make so many things in here. This book has 41 new patterns and not a tea cozy in sight!

The first half of the book is full of beyond basic techniques that even a knitting snob like me can learn something from. I will be studying the part about steeking and concurring my fear. Section II is devoted entirely to designing your own sweaters; raglan sweaters, drop shoulder and set in sleeve. This is very detailed and gives you formulas and everything from start to finishing your own design.

On to the patterns, they are wonderful. So many lovely sweaters to make, there are a lot of spring sweaters which is nice. There are things to make for babies and little kids, if you have any, but I am selfish and only care about the glorious sweaters. I took some pictures with my crappy camera and my shaky hands to give you an idea. (please don't sue me)

How old is too old for a fish sweater? I think 25 might be but it is too cute to care

NEED THIS. Sequins, yes please.
I'm also pretty sure most of these pictures are taken at the Jersey shore. It's beautiful. Anyway, this be a Superstar and buy this book. Pin It Now!


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