Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sallie Jumpsuit

I enjoyed making the Carolyn Pajamas so much that when Closet Case Files came out with the Sallie Jumpsuit/ Maxidress, I was excited to make this as well. I have never really made a maxi dress or a jumpsuit, or worn one for that matter. I am happy to report that this really is like wearing secret pajamas. I feel like I am curled up in my bed, but instead I am out in public with a cocktail in my hand. Sometimes its fun to look ridiculous. 

I chose this rayon knit in a magenta/ peach floral print from Fabricland. Its so soft and very lightweight. And man does it remind me of Mrs. Roper from Three's Company. It was difficult to choose between the jumpsuit and the maxidress, both would look cute in this fabric. but I decided to go for the jumpsuit, for the full 70s look. 

I made a few changes to the pattern before I started. I didn't want that tie in the back, I'm planning on wearing this on a long airplane ride and thought the tie would be annoying at my neck. So I raised the back up 1 inch to prevent it from falling off my shoulders without the tie. I can still get it on and off easily. Then I needed to add some length to the crotch. (bleh I hate that word). I am long in the torso, so I can't really buy a romper/jumpsuit with out getting the dreaded cameltoe. I added two inches, which was a bit excessive, i probably could have used 1.5 (next time). I also took 3 inches off the pant length. 

This is a really quick sew, but I had a few problems. First I made the bodice and I slip it on and the sleeve openings are too tight. All of the sizes have the marks for the opening at the same spot. Next time I will leave a bigger opening for my big guns. Then I had a problem serging the bodice to the pants, my serger was acting up, and it caught the pants in several places. BLEH. I tried taking it out in the worst bits, but this fabric is so light it was just making holes. I had to hand sew some holes closed and then I decided a belt would fix all of my problems. Now you can't really notice, and I think it needed a belt. 

I am taking a trip to Italy next week and I am definitely packing this, along with mostly me mades. It weighs nothing, and I had it shoved in my bag all weekend and then put it on after a beach day and it's not even wrinkled. I think it will be perfect to wear on the airplane, comfy and chic, the only downside is stripping down to go to the bathroom!  

Cheers to going out in secret pajamas!

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  1. Great job. It looks great on you! Have fun on your trip and buy some lush Italian wool while you are there.

  2. You look ready for a piazza (and for pizza...)

  3. This looks so completely fabulous on you! I love the fabric and the colour! :D Looks super comfy, too. :)

  4. This is my favourite version of this so far- love it!! Pretty much any clothing that is 'secret pyjamas' is fantastic in my books! I might consider making this- since I also have a long torso and can never buy RTW jumpsuits!

  5. Lovely! You look wonderful. Sorry you had bumps in the road while making. I appreciate the details.

  6. Your version is gorgeous! I am probably going to get this pattern now. Here we go. :-)

  7. Your Sallie may have just got me off the fence about sewing it. Nicely done!!!