Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Outfit with McCalls 6965

Hey there sewing fanatics! I've been meaning to show you this outfit since the end of LAST summer, and I finally got some decent photos to share.  I needed to make an summertime outfit that I could be cool and comfortable, and not all that fancy in. So immediately I wanted to make silk shorts.

Ok, I'm not so good at being super casual in case you hadn't noticed. I actually made this outfit to wear to a racetrack last September, and everyone else was wearing actual casual clothes, like boring khaki shorts, yuck. These pictures were taken on Island Beach State park on the Jersey shore where we planned to do a little hike with the dog but were eaten alive by bugs one minute into our walk. I'm not so sure silk shorts are hiking apparel. 

The top is semi drafted by me, I took a princess seam bodice that the fit was already altered, and drafted a bottom to make a top. It's barely a flared shape. I then went ahead and added three rows of rick rack to it, because everything need rick rack, Duh. The fabric is a quilt weight cotton, one of those reproduction 30s prints from Windham fabrics. I bought the fabrics for the top and bottom at Fabricland. 

The shorts are McCall's 6965, but if you go to the website and look for them they will be under SKIRTS. I assure you this is a shorts pattern. I had to do some lengthening in the crotch region ( I hate that word, and I hate that I have to use it so much, talking about sewing all the time), as well as making the shorts a little longer. I think they are a pretty good length now. There is a little problem when it come to wearing these shorts and riding my bike. This silk goes flying in the air and won't stay down! 
It has a zipper at the center back, I made mine invisible because I hate putting in center zips. I think I will make another pair out of chambray, but would they technically be Jorts? What do you guys wear to be summertime casual when a dress is not really practical? 

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  1. These are really cute. I have that pattern, but hadn't seen too many made up. Seeing yours, I'm thinking I should make it soon.

    1. you totally should! They are so fun to wear!

  2. These are really cute. I have that pattern, but hadn't seen too many made up. Seeing yours, I'm thinking I should make it soon.

  3. Holy crow, those are some cute shorts! :D :D Great fit and I love that fabric. :)

  4. I make McCall's 4053 (OOP, sorry) in the capri length, but I cut them to hit just at the bend of my knee. They have some flair to them, so it's *almost* like wearing a split skirt, but without a lot of excess fabric. I also make Simplicity 7964 (also OOP) but it's just a very simple a-line skirt that I make in quilting cottons and wear instead of shorts. I don't "dress down" too well, myself, so these options are a good compromise for me.

    I love your shorts, however. I never thought of making up some in silk.