Monday, February 23, 2015

Cotton + Steel Quilted Pillows

Well I've finally made us some new pillows. I've been hating on the pillows that came with the couch, they are just too small, and I've been searching for the right fabric.

The inside panel is a cotton + steel quilt weight cotton "august mezzanine". To make this pillow I cut a center square 16 x 16, and strips of the border print to go around the square. The border was sewed on and I prepared to quilt it. Layered cotton batting and muslin under the top. 

I'm not the best quilter, I tried the free motion foot first, and that was a disaster. It is impossible to keep the stitches even. Then I put on my walking foot and started to trace some of the shaped in the fabric. That took a while, and wasn't really quilting as much as I wanted it to, so I started to do the crisscross across the center. The border fabric I quilted separately, but doing diagonal lines all over and intersecting them, kind of like the fabric. Then I washed the whole quilted piece, even though I had already pre washed all the fabric, and it shrunk another 2 inches. 

The back was left plain in the contrasting print, I inserted an invisible zipper, and stitched around the other edges. Boom two original pillows! 

Rockford has been enjoying the pillows the most. 

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