Thursday, October 30, 2014

Super Stitcher: The Sewing Superhero!

I've always said sewing was a superpower, Its so inspiring to see what everyone in our sewing community is making, so I decided to make my Halloween costume just that, a sewing superhero! Meet Super Stitcher, she can solve any sewing problem! No pattern is too challenging for the Super Stitcher! She can sew anything and does it with speed, accuracy and pizzazz! She can make any garment cute! SHE'S SUPER STITCHER!

I started out with a simple dress out of this amazing fabric, that has every kind of crafty vocabulary. I then made the sewing machine burst on the chest out of felt and a square of sewing machine fabric I already had. I just pinned it in place so I can wear the dress after Halloween. Then I made my cape out of a yard of felt. I cut it into a cape shape and made the sewing machine for the center. Then I was inspired to write sewing terms in gold glitter, such as ZIG ZAG! RIP! BASTE! I stitched a piece of ribbon so it would tie around my neck. 

I needed something on my head and contemplated a mask, but the glasses would interfere. I happened to have this gold glitter headband and decided to glue thread, buttons and a tiny sewing machine as a topper. The wristbands are made from gold sparkle felt and I made tiny pin cushions to attach to them. My favorite thing is the tool belt. I used an old vinyl belt and attached sewing tools with elastic. 

Every superhero needs a sidekick, so I had to make my new puppy (sort of new) my trusty spool of thread. He's my favorite brand Mettler! I made the base of his costume with felt, and attached yarn in a crisscross pattern. Just like Mettler thread. He was ok with it, at first he just wanted to chew on it. 

Happy Halloween Everyone!
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