Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Halloween Spiderweb Dress: McCalls 6887

Happy almost Halloween everyone! A few months ago, I made this Spiderweb dress for display at Fabricland. And now I finally get to wear it!

 It's McCall's 6687 view c, with the cap sleeves. This is one of those cup sized patterns, and I'm in love! I cut the d cup, and it fits perfectly with no alterations! OMG thank you McCall's. This is the perfect dress that can be made up in so many different prints. I'm already planning my next one. 

The bodice is a princess seamed, scoop neck. The scoop sits nice and flat, and not too low. The neckline I finished with some bias tape. The only trouble I had with the dress was attaching the skirt to the waist. The skirt is six panels, that make it very swirly, but the skirt was way too big for the waist and needed to be eased ALOT. something is defiantly wrong, I checked the pattern several times and I used all the right pieces. Oh well 

The belt buckle is something we have at Fabricland. It's from dritz, and I attached it to a piece of purple elastic. Super cute, little bow made from metal and resin. 



You may have also seen this fabric on a dress from Modcloth. It's the same exact print. The fabric is a quilt weight cotton from timeless treasures. I made my dress weeks before they put it on Modcloth, so I like to think BITCH STOLE MY LOOK! Haha. I'm also not sure why a strapless Halloween dress is smart. 

I even made a spiderweb barrette to wear with it! It took me about 3 minutes this morning. I just used hot glue. I'll be wearing my costume to work tomorrow for the Halloween contest and this dress on Halloween!

Are you getting dressed up? Did you make a costume? Can't wait to show my costume to you all! 

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  1. Oh wow, that dress is adorable! But those shoes are actually the best things ever. They are perfect!

  2. I love that fabric, so cute! I always get a thrill out of seeing dresses made with the same fabric as mine on Modcloth :)

  3. I looooooooooove that fabric! :D Gorgeous dress and cute accessory! :D #halloweenfan

    I've made my costume accessories (a flower/spider garland for my head, spider brooch, spiderweb-print tie belt), but just decided I need a black circle skirt for it (need!). I will have to sew it when I get home from work tonight in a couple of hours. :S I think I can do it, though. :) Circle skirts are super easy.

    I think I need to get that pattern and the print and copy you like mod cloth did. ;)

    1. Love your accessories! I hope you can find the fabric!

  4. This is a really fun and festive dress! Cute!

  5. Adorable! I might steal your look too!

  6. Hello Erika,
    I have a question theThanksgiving Dress, is the same pattern than the Halloween Spiderweb Dress?
    I look for 6687 patten but i haven't found.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. yes Elisa it is the same! opps