Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Craft Week: Reindeer Rescue

For the second day of Christmas Craft Week, I up-cycled a sad looking reindeer. He used to be covered in lights, and displayed on my parent's lawn for many holiday seasons. Unfortunately he started to look a little tired and was retired to the attic. I found him and decided to make him over.
Here he is before-ish. I already took the lights off, but the poor guy couldn't even stand. I bought some dowels and stuck them in his legs for support. Then I spray painted him blue. Why blue? Why not! I was also thinking of pink, or even boring white but blue won out. It took almost 3 cans of spray paint to get him to be a solid blue. I added a fun bow and a spotlight at night.

He's not perfect, but he has some personality!
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