Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Craft Week: Glistening Lighting Centerpiece

Christmas Craft week continues! This is a super easy one, and there is still time left before Christmas to do it. It would really work for any type of holiday party.
I first saw this idea on pinterest, hang a tree branch above your dinner table, and hang ornaments off of it. I took it a step further and spray painted the branch. This branch was just lying in the street, hoping to be part of my Christmas dinner. First I hit with Krylon indoor outdoor paint in Blue Ocean Breeze (leftover from the reindeer), and finished it with Krylon Glitter Blast in Silver Flash. GLITTER BLAST! What could be better?
 I never knew this product existed, such a life changer.  I am going to glitter blast everything, I got both krylon products at Michael's. The glitter blast gave the branch a beautiful luster. I then hung it from the light fixture using fishing string, and the ornaments were scattered down the branch.
It looks magical in person, it really brings some whimsy to the dinner table. I am having 11 people here on Christmas! The ornaments and branch just so happen to match my China! Its very dreamy, I just hope the cat doesn't discover it, it's like a floating cat toy!

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  1. Love this idea, but won't be able to (or brave enough) to try it! Christmas in Australia is peek summer time, and over our dining table is a fan...might make for an interesting moving decoration as the baubles swing through the air...