Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Craft Week: Knitted Stockings

My husband and I needed new Christmas stockings, I wanted something fun, and a little bit different. These stocking kits from Ann Norling were perfect. I like the fun design and the off-beat colors.
The pattern was thorough, and had some smart details. The picot edge seam, the reinforced heal, and the sewn in lining. It also says exactly what parts you should use duplicate stitch with, and that makes it a cleaner knit. It also keeps me from cheating and trying to knit in the smaller details, instead of duplicate stitching them later.
The sewn in lining is the best part, it acts as interfacing for the whole stocking, and protects the pattern. I used a knit fabric, which still allows for some stretch for oddly shaped presents. I really like to jam the stocking full of goodies.  After finishing the whole stocking, seaming it together, and blocking it, I traced the outline of the stocking on my knit fabric, and then added 1/2 inch seam allowance. Sewed it together on the tracing line (don't forget to use a stretch needle!), hemmed the top and then slip stitched it below the picot hem of the stocking.

This is my third year in row knitting stockings, see my others here and here. These are definitely my favorites, he reindeer is just too cute! What do you think, have you ever knitted a stocking? Which one is your favorite?
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  1. These are adorable, I really like the Santa one, I think it is the color I am drawn too. I have never knitted stockings before, they look like a fun project.

    1. Thanks Lizzie! They are really fun, and go so quickly because of the chart