Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yarn Debacle

What do you do when your knitting something and don't like the yarn? I bought three skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Royal in azure online and I am not in love with the color in person. This yarn was not cheap, and feels really soft. The picture from the Blue Sky Website is a pretty, light color blue, which would really bring out my eyes, but it reality it looks sort of muddy, and not as light as the picture. Am I being crazy and should just knit it or should figure out another option?

The pattern is a really cute scoop cardigan with a knot sleeve detail, also by Blue Sky Alpacas. Every time I pick it up to knit it, I finish a row and throw it down, annoyed by the muddy color. Blue Sky Alpaca is truly my favorite yarn company, and I have never been disappointed by a yarn. The royal yarn is decadent, just like it is described, I just wish the color was the same. Pin It Now!


  1. You could dye the yarn.

    Maybe first write to the company expressing your concerns, they may just surprise you.

  2. I normally try to sell it, or see if a friend wants to trade.

  3. My first reaction was that it's a very similar color to your Miette, which you love. The top is adorable, but there's probably not much point in doing all the work if you won't wear it! Can it be returned? I think the color shown on the pattern page isn't the same as what you ordered (they list it as Sea Glass) but maybe if you tell them the color wasn't as expected?

  4. What about dyeing it a darker blue?

  5. I looove the cardigan pattern (in my queue!) but if you don't love the color then you won't wear it.

    I wouldn't try to dye it unless you also like hand-dyed effects or surprises, but if you still have 2-3 still in hank form you could probably return/exchange it! The one that you're knitting from is probably a sunk cost, unless you can sell it (on the blog, or on ravelry maybe). I know that yarn is not cheap, but maybe it's better to eat the cost of one skein than all of them PLUS the time wasted knitting something you won't use.

  6. i love the pattern er, i just showed linds.
    and told her to make me one. but she wont.

    v. cute cant wait to see.

  7. If the color is not even close to the photo (and, I agree, it is not) a company as reputable as Blue Sky would take it back. Make a hat for someone out of what you've already used, be compensated for the other!