Friday, May 27, 2011

New Fabric

Look what I scored, four yards of Marc by Marc Jacobs navy and light pink cotton voile. I bought it at Gorgeous Fabrics, she only had ten yards and is now sold out. I love finding designer fabrics and making my version of the dress for less.

This is the Marc By Marc Jacobs dress which was over $350, and would probably be a little too short on me. I think I can make a more flattering dress for way way less. Maybe another version of Chantilly? Any other suggestions?
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  1. I think I finally figured out a way around the blogger issues so I'm going to try again ;-) If you want something similar to the Marc Jacobs dress, what about Vogue 8723? I keep thinking about it for myself. I love that it has the multi cup sizes.

  2. @Kim oooohhh good suggestion. I have to think about that...