Friday, June 3, 2011

Couture Disaster

My blue dress is huge. I don't know how this happened. I was a good girl and made a muslin, and it fit. So I take apart my muslin and use it as a pattern. And then I make the entire dress, with all the couture techniques, the spiral cut boning in between silk organza and cotton batiste. So it was a lot of work. And it looks like this....

It's too big, all over the top. I've never needed had this much space in the bra on anything! The darts in the bust also make me look like I have pointy nipples, which is not a look I was going for. The best thing about this dress is that it matches my slippers.
AHH! That's how I feel.

I'm feeling discouraged, but hopefully I can snap out of it because I have a lot of fabric to get through.
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  1. I'm so sorry to hear this! These kinds of challenges can be so demoralizing. And when using all those fancy techniques too!

    I'm sure your next version will identify what happened and help you to correct it and it will be beautifully fitted. It is a gorgeous colour and the shape will be terrific on you next time, I'm sure.

  2. I'm so sorry.... Are you going to try and fix it? The fabric is gorgeous and it's a beautiful color on you...

  3. Sorry things didn't work out, but that is a gorgeous color on you!! It would be worth trying to fix it!

  4. Lol,Lol..........sorry are too funny!!!


  5. Well, the good thing, probably, is that you can take it in, or? Don't despair! But what went wrong, did you sew along the seam allowance line, maybe?

  6. Thanks everyone! I have no idea what happened. I did sew it along the seam allowance line, I suppose I can take it in. Right now I need a mental break from it, maybe get back to it later. I'm still not sure why the darts are pointy!