Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Made in the USA Christmas

Take the Made In USA Challenge!

It's holiday season, which brings along the stress of making gifts. As a crafty person I cannot make every single gift I have to give, it's exhausting just thinking about it. Every time I get asked "did you make that?", it's followed by "Make me one too!".  I'm more of a "selfish seamstress" and do not have the time to make that many things. 

After reading the book Overdressed: the Shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion, I have been very wary of the things I buy. I also watched a documentary on Netflix which really made things click for me. I want to make my purchases matter, so this year for Christmas I am only buying made in America gifts. This way I know that the people making what I buy are treated fairly well (at least better than big factories in China), and the money is going back to the American economy, which badly needs it. I can feel good about what I buy, and not feel guilty for not making everything. 

I've never been into the rush of Black Friday shopping, and now it has even spread to Thursday, which is beyond crazy. If you have even seen the shoppers of Black Friday on the news, they are always fighting and over-stuffing their carts with imported, cheap, and useless crap. I have absolutely no desire to shop like that. 

It is a challenge finding the perfect gift, plus something made in America. So far I have bought 3 Made in America gifts. I even started a pinterest board of Made in America stuff. I've found everything from made in America shoes (cute ones!) to made in the USA beach chairs! Another great source for made in America clothes is Pinup Girl Clothing. Cute and made in the USA, so exciting. Also if you just search "made in USA" on you can find a ton of USA goods, in a range of prices. Etsy and buying vintage are also great ways to buy USA. There are a ton of options out there once you start to look. 

Tiki Dress made in USA

What are you making and buying for the Holidays? Will you sign up for the Made In the USA challenge? What do people outside of the USA think, will you buy local too?

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