Monday, March 26, 2012

Clover Pants Muslin

OK so right now these are not so cute. This is my muslin for the clover pants from Colette patterns.I bought around five yards to this 3% cotton poplin stretch at Joann's, so I would have plenty to make a muslin and a finished pair of pants.  I cut a straight size ten, and they have a few problems. I'm using the pants pattern cheatsheet from Colette to try and diagnose them.

The first thing I had a problem with was the knees. They are tight, but do I have big knees or am I bow legged? They both sound bad. I think the thighs are tight and are causing the rest of the bunching, but I'm not totally sure. Or many my butt is tight, or maybe both? I never made pants but I thought this would be easy!  I'm trying not to get discouraged. Any other diagnoses?

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  1. No Way! I'm having a "crafting week" because my Hubby is out of town, and these are on my list of sewing projects to get started on! I'm scared though - the construction of pants is easy, but the fitting: Yikes!

    1. Also, I have a tee shirt almost exactly like that - from Gap, several years ago.

  2. You are brave! I have yet to even consider making a pair of pants. Seriously hard. I think you are well on your way.