Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Coat Plotting

It seems the coat bug is going around the sewing world and I got it too. I have been dying to make Vogue 8548, ever since I saw this finished one on the Sew Tessuti blog. Wow is it gorgeous. I have gathered my supplies, a tan and white wool houndstooth for the outer, a bright blue china silk lining, lambswool interlining and hymo.  

The muslin is made from some leftover felt, which is closer to wool than just plain muslin fabric. It's not very pretty, but the felt worked pretty well,its easy to cut, fast to sew and you can mark it easily with a marker. This coat does not include pockets, so I will have to add some on the side seams. Nothing is worse than a coat without pockets. I'm also going to make three buttonholes instead of two. Other than that, it fits perfectly, and I'm ready to cut my fabric. I have been studing my tailoring book, and I'm ready to start!

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  1. I have this pattern and am dying to start on it, too! How do you find the collar? Too wide? Am wondering whether to adjust that slightly or not. Good luck with your make. I agree, that version on the Tessuti blog is unbelievably gorgeous.