Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sewing Tools

I wanted to show everyone one of my favorite sewing tools, from the cupcake goddess! My heirloom tomato pincushion, tailor's ham and seam roll. Aren't they gorgeous? Nothing like the boring ham and tomatos they sell at the fabric stores. I love having tools that are cute and useful.  I use the tailor's ham all the time. I keep it handy hanging on the bookself next to my ironing board.

Using the right sewing tools really makes a difference in the final product. Last month during me-made-march I really noticed the difference in the quality of garments I have sewn in the last year. My red beignet skirt I made a year ago is a disaster compared to the one I'm sewing now! Ironing is annoying but so important. I think my cute ham and seam roll, make ironing a little less annoying.

They are not only cute but so well made. I haven't seen a speck of sawdust come out of these. You can buy your own set on etsy. Can't wait to see what else is to come from the Cupcake Goddess!

*This post is all my own opinion, the cupcake goddess is not paying me!
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