Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beignet Skirt

I finished the last piece in my spring palette collection. This is the beignet skirt from colette patterns. I made the same skirt last year in red denim, my second version came along much smoother. I used a cotton poplin in a sunny yellow, and used a quilting cotton for the lining. The buttons are from m&j in nyc, and so cute, 12 buttons in all! This is the perfect piece fro spring and a classic skirt.

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  1. I really like the color, it is so fun! And the buttons down the front are lovely! Great skirt!

  2. Oh yellow! I am craving yellow! Each time I see that color on a blog, I just want it too...

    Your Beignet is very nice and cute. That is such a flattering pattern!

  3. I have to get this pattern and totally get over my fear of buttonholes!
    That looks lovely and I also had visions of it in a needlecord in a similar colour!

  4. OMG - this outfit is adorable! I assume you made that great sweater? And I love the stone on your house.

  5. Great skirt and the sweater is awesome... did you make it? what pattern?

  6. The sweater is miette, you can see my version here: