Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Palette Update

I now have all the materials for Colette's spring challenge.

I bought this at my lfs (local fabric store), it was off white. A quick run in the washer with some purple RIT dye made it the perfect color for spring. I especially like how the raised flowers came out a lighter color. I think I will use this to make another sencha blouse.

Cotton poplin and cherry fabric are both from Hart's Fabric. I'm going to make another beignet skirt. The first one I made with a heavy denim, I think this fabric will turn out a little better. The cherry fabric is for lining. I love anything with fruit on it!

I've been wanting to knit with madelinetosh vintage forever, this is the clover color. I picked up this during a superbowl sale and go 30% off. Hooray! I'm casting on the miette cardigan.

I've also been working on new look 6587. The fabric was a little see-though so I interlined it with some light cotton.  It is slowly coming along. I'm dreading sewing 32 buttons onto these projects!
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  1. I love your dyed fabric..... I have been thinking about doing that, but I live in a condo and we have laundry rooms. I don't want to ruin the washer or accidentally dye the next person's laundry..Do you have to clean out the washer or run an empty load after you dye something? I have fabric for a Sencha. Did you have to make many adjustments to the pattern?

  2. I just run an empty load like the directions say. I didn't make any adjustments to sencha, it's a really great pattern.