Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Real Jeggings

I am not on-board with this whole legging/jegging trend. I would rather have pants that are looser than a pair of spanx. The only benefit to wearing these so called pants is the high boots you can wear over them. I have tried wearing boots over my jeans and shoving the jeans into the boot is not easy. After struggling to put them on there is always an akward lump by the ankle. AARG!
 I wanted to make my own pair of "jeggings", which would be an actual combination of legging and jean so I could easily wear high boots. I used a pair of old jeans and stirrup leggings to make these jeggings.  The stirrup will keep the legging from riding up. Here is how I made them.

Depending on what kind of boots you want to wear cut off the jeans just below where the boots would end. I am going to wear knee high boots so I cut off about ten inches.

Cut a pair of stirrup leggings at the same length. You could easily make a regular pair of leggings into stirrups with the extra leg material

Then I pinned the bottom of the legging and the top of the jean right sides together. My jegging was a little smaller than my jeans. I stretched it to fit while I serged.

Serge together, stretching the legging to the same circumference as the jean.

Just repeat for the other leg and strut around!

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  1. i love that you made this happen! i wear a size 4/6 please make me a pair too please and thanks!

  2. Me too ! Just like my cowboy heroes from Hollywood prior to 1960's. Males like stirrup pants, we worn them first for a long time before females' cross-dressing into pants/ trousers.