Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dollar Bills Dress

I made this dress like a million years ago and am finally getting around to sharing it. This is another fabric from the Amy Sedaris for Windham fabrics, I'm obsessed with her. It's also another version of Simplicity 2444; the worlds most classic pattern. I made the sleeveless version and finished the armholes with some polka dot bias tape. 
It is so quick to whip together, I can't even count how many different time I have made this pattern. Its perfect for a fabric with a strong pattern, that maybe you can't think of another use of it. 


I wear this dress ALL THE TIME. Maybe too much. It matches so many different cardigans, I can't help it. Last week I wore it to Atlantic City, but it did not give us any good luck at the Craps table. It still made me feel like a million dollars (corny corny). 

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  1. I love how cute and kitschy this print is! And I can see how all the colors in it would make it easy to match with cardigans or accessories. I love it when a dress has so much personality :)

  2. I love this dress! It's completely adorable.

  3. You look like a million bucks in it. Nice dress. g

  4. Super cute! I love 2444 and have also made it many times, in fact I should finish another one tonight!
    I love your glasses too BTW, great shape

  5. Ka-ching! Another jackpot, well done lady!

  6. Oh, so cute! I love novelty prints.