Tuesday, October 29, 2013

8 Easy Halloween Costumes

The great thing about sewing your own clothes is the excess of awesome things to wear. This October at work we were encouraged to wear a costume to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. I took this challenge as well as one upped it. I wanted to see how I could make the things I made, and the accessories I already had into some costumes. 

The one thing I bought this halloween was this amazing wig, it's Chris March from Target. I loved his designs as well as his show "Mad Fashion".  I added it to my ric rac dress and viola, I was channeling Miss Yvonne from Pee Wee's Playhouse.

This was a fun one.. curlers in the hair, vintage looking shirtdress, petticoat and apron, makes an easy vintage housewife. 

I wore this earlier in the month when it was a little bit warmer. This is the Ceylon dress, from Colette patterns made in blue gingham. Red shoes and a basket, easy to be Dorothy. I even had a dog bracelet as Toto.

 My Dad's old old denim shirt, wideleg jeans, saddle shoes and wrapped my hair in a red polka dot remnant, Rosie the Rivetor. This was a great costume, because I had a lot of work to do that day and was running around like a mad woman. 

 One of my idols....Miss Piggy. I already had the tail and ears, just add pink! The dress was a vintage pattern I had from last year. 

I wore this one, and no one really realized I was in costume. Obviously I was channelling Joan from Mad Men. I raided my mom's old Joan Rivers jewelry from the 80s (clip on earrings) and wore my purple wiggle dress. 

 Off the shoulder black top, cigarette pants (collette patterns clover pants) and leather jacket, makes a quick costume. But beware when dressing like Sandy from Grease, certains songs will play over and over in your head all day.... whoo ooo ooooo

 Yes I had a Carmen Miranda headpiece in my collection, doesn't everyone? My tropical sundress, plus a ton of jewelry, makes a fun costume. Halloween is all about accessorizing so pile on that jewelry!

So stay tuned this week for my actual Halloween costume. If you follow me on Instagram you have gotten a little peek at it! What kind of costumes do you guys love to wear? Have you ever made your costume?
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  1. These are fantastic! I especially love that WIG! Was is easy to wear, or did you feel like it was going to fall off all day? Happy Halloween!

    1. It was a little wobbly and hot, but totally worth it!

  2. These are awesome, Erika! I love how you took items you already had in your closet, added in a couple things and voila! Costume!!

  3. look at you! i can never even think up ONE costume for halloween! cute!

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