Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sewing inspired Home

I'm getting married in September and gathering things for our future home. I've been searching for some casual dinnerware, that I like for a while now. It's been hard to find something that wasn't just plain white, or there is a trend to have birds or bugs on dinnerware (has anyone else noticed this?), which I'm not really into. But then I discovered that the English fabric brand Sanderson, produced dinnerware based on their fabric designs. What could be better?

Source: Sanderson Dandelion Clocks dinnerware
Dandelion Clocks Fabric

Of course I found out that my beloved dinnerware is only available in the UK, and then discovered it is being discontinued. I searched the internet and bought the last of it at Havens, they were great, and I got 30% off. As you can see, I was very excited to get it.

I also found some storage containers, featuring a ric rac design! Fishs Eddy in NYC, is making these ric rac containers, with some of the proceeds going to the Food Bank. I also think these would be great to stow sewing odds and ends. I love sewing and adding hints of my hobby into everyday items is an easy way to bring a smile to my face. Do you have any great sewing/home finds?

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  1. I love those dishes! Well chosen!

  2. Those dishes are so cute! I'm jealous. Must find some Sanderson dishes. The ric-rac containers are also adorable. Great finds!

  3. i love the dandelion print. so cute!

  4. These dishes are beautiful.. WHat a great find.Love the ric rack containers too. They would be ideal for sewing stuff.. cute...
    . Congradulations on your upcoming marriage.. May God be with you both..