Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Simplicity 3045 / 2444

I've been working on this pattern for a little while now. I made several muslins and realized that a short sleeved kimono sleeve is not for me. So I tweaked the patten a bit, using the scalloped neckline from the vintage pattern and the basic bodice from simplicity 2444.

The scallops are subtle, and the open neckline is flattering. It is a good transitional piece for the fall. I used a cotton from B&J in NYC. It has a bit of stretch to it. The fabric gets a little more wrinkled than desirable, sitting down makes the skirt a mess! It did not seem this way in the store. Oh well.

For this dress I used some different techniques, the vintage pattern suggested I stabilize the waistband with some stay tape, after is is sewn all together. I used hug snug on that seam, as well as turning in the armholes. Horsehair braid on the hem makes the skirt crazy swirly.  I attempted to do a lapped side zip, from this tutorial the famous Gertie posted a while ago, but it doesn't look the same.

I had some trouble with the scallops, and I don't think they look as defined as they do in the photo. Maybe this pattern would look better with a different fabric. Sometimes things just don't work out as fabulous as I pictured them. On to the next project! Pin It Now!


  1. I think it looks great! And you know I love your shoes ;-)

  2. It could also be that the fit across your chest is a bit on the tight side. The fabric is pulling, which means that you need a little more ease across the chest. It also looks as if you didn't take the scallops deep enough, which detracts from the dramatic effect you're looking for. I'm working at getting those perfect right now, too!

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