Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank you Mood!

I went to Mood this week to get some fabric for the projects I've been scheming. The bottom is a white with blue squares shirting cotton. It will be perfect for a summer blouse, it looks really cute and retro.

The second is some kind of silk crepe I will be making this blouse with. I bought really cute buttons which you can't really see and all I need is some piping and it will look just like a top from Anthropologie.

The third is a cotton/silk blend that I'm going to make into a dress, possibly for Christmas. I'm going to make the dress with the stand up collar, which is just screaming for a pin. Hopefully i have enough fabric to make the version with sleeves. Hopefully. I also went to pacific trimming and bought a riri zipper to use with it. I'm very excited about it. Is it strange to be excited about a zipper? Riri zippers are made in Italy, and I've noticed its the kind of zipper they use in some of my fancier purses. I'm going to make muslin for the dress and see how it fits, this is the first time I've really used a pattern from the big pattern brands.
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  1. I LOVE that dress!! How have I never seen that?! Can't wait to see it made up!

    Nice haul you got there!

  2. i love that dress! it is perfect for christmas!

  3. What a fun blog post! I hear Tim's expression in your voice. I'm sure Matisse would have gotten out of Dodge too!
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