Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tiki Dress or Sweetheart Sundress #2

This is my second sweetheart sundress from Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing. I loved the tiki variation so much I had to make my own version. This fabric is a Marc Jacobs remnant, which I blogged about here, has been in my stash for a while resting until I came up with the perfect project to use it. I only had about 1.5 yards of it, it came from Fabric Mart, not sure why I didn't get more! To make it work I mixed it with a lipstick color linen, that matches it perfectly. 

I shirred the back in this dress, in the solid linen, used the pencil skirt pattern from Gertie's book as the skirt and even had enough left over add a skirt drape. That's my favorite part of the dress, my boss Nancy helped me drape it with the leftover fabric I had, she has magic fingers! We even worked it out so I have a pocket! I attached the drape piece to the front of the pencil skirt with the side seams and the top seam, and hemmed it with the narrow hemmer foot a few inches shorter than the rest of the skirt. 

So now I have the perfect tiki dress, and someone needs to invite me to a luau! 

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  1. The fabric is really pretty, and the pocket is GENIUS!

  2. i need to make that dress!! it's on my list, but that list is very long... i love all your versions, and i really like the drape on this one.

  3. Very cute! But why is there no Mai Tai in your hand? ;-)

  4. cute! great use of linen to make that lovely fabric stretch into a gorgeous dress. so is the drap part a full panel over the front of the skirt making a double layered sirt in front basically? does this make it too hot to wear in really hot weather or is it minimal ? i hope i can one day have as many cute handmade dresses as you and roisin (dollyclacket) and beccie (sewretrorose)

  5. Fabulous. Such a great color and shape on you!

  6. Lovely dress! The drape and that pocket make it so neat. You look beautiful in that color!